Conquer Winter Roads with SD-International' GREEN CUBE TECHNOLOGY: Your Guide to the Ultimate Snow Tyres Adventure!



Winter has arrived, bringing with it the challenge of navigating snowy and icy roads. For seasoned drivers who understand the significance of the right winter tyres, SD-International presents the Winter Tyre Series—a revolutionary force in the realm of snow tyres.

The "Green Cube" Advantage: Unveiling Revolutionary Technology

SD-International's Winter Tyre Series distinguishes itself with its groundbreaking "Green Cube" Foamed Rubber Composition Technology. What makes it stand out?


Softer Rubber for Superior Traction: The softer rubber compound guarantees enhanced traction on icy and snowy roads, instilling the confidence required for winter driving.

Shorter Braking Distances: Experience a 12% reduction in braking distance on icy surfaces compared to similar products, elevating safety and control in winter conditions.


Long-Lasting Performance: The tyre surface hardness changes by no more than 10% within three years of use, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout its lifespan.

Meet the SD-International Winter Tyre Series: Your Perfect Winter Travel Companion


ANTARCTICA 5 - High-Performance Passenger Car Tyre


ANTARCTICA 6 - High-Performance Passenger Car Tyre


ANTARCTICA 8 - Winter Commercial Light Truck Tyre


ANTARCTICA ICE - Polar-Studdable High-Performance Winter Tyre


ANTARCTICA SPORT - Polar-Studdable High-Performance SUV and Light Truck Tyre


Embrace the winter challenge with the SD-International Winter Tyre Series, meticulously crafted for action on icy roads. Whether you drive a passenger car, an SUV, or a commercial light truck, there's a perfect match for your beloved vehicle.


Explore Patterns and Sizes

Discover the details for each pattern and available sizes here, ensuring you make the right choice for your winter travels.

Conclusion: Drive Confidently with SD-International Winter Tyres

Don't let winter roads intimidate you. With SD-International's Winter Tyre Series, you're not just driving; you're conquering winter adventures. Choose confidence, choose performance, choose SD-International for your winter journeys.

Gear up for a winter like never before. Explore the SD-International Winter Tyre Series and make your winter driving experience exceptional!